Miami Engagement Session

Are you searching for Miami Engagement Photographers? Then you probably just got engaged.

Hi! We are so happy to meet you! ? If you are considering a brilliant Miami engagement session with us, we would first recommend you to check out our work to make sure you love our style. Of course we have something special, here are some informations to help you prepare for your own Miami engagement photo session and learn about our photo delivery process and rates. In case you have any other questions, please let us know.

Miami Engagement Session

An engagement session ALWAYS builds trust with between you and photographer. This is about getting to know the couple and you getting to know me. By building confidence in the relationship early on, it positions us as a friends on the wedding day. You already know me, and I know your tastes, your style and we have already established our comfort level months before the actual event. The result is a more relaxed couple, better expressions and a far easier wedding day than if I just showed up cold for the first time.



We suggest to prepare also surprise proposal, although it’s candidly captured the moment. But you deserve fabulous engagement session and for that one you can and should be prepared.

We must admit that the personality and energy of your Miami engagement photographer have pretty huge impact on your photo experience and the quality of your Miami engagement.


Well, the simple answer is that great Miami engagement photos are pictures you will fall in love with for the rest of your life. Memories of that magical connection of you and your loved one shared in beautiful locations of Miami.

You definitely should check 5-star testimonials from our couples. Even better source is on our Facebook page.

Remember, preparation is the key. As an amazing inspiration we prefer Pinterest. Check our Pinterest account for Engagement inspiration board, Engagement Styling tips or our own enagagement pictures. We are sure you will find some great ideas.

And now some factors determining success of your engagement session.


We personally believe that you should choose location which has some significant meaning for you as a couple. Location where you met or where you both spend a lot of time. Or just a place which you love! It could be something really fancy as Vizcaya or Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables but it can also be your own backyard or just frozen yogurt shop on Las Olas where you met for the first time.

We have had couple from Miami which wanted their engagement session in Manhattan Grand Station because they met there couple years ago. Then we captured their big day again in Miami. Location is determined only by your imagination and your budget.

If you want more locations, remember one rule. More photography coverage means more locations means more variety and more fun.


Style might be the first one, because style will determine the location. And maybe not… This is fully up to your own decision and taste. Some couples are classy and the prefer pure fashion or glamour style of photo shoot (we are the best match for this one) including team od stylists. Other couple are romantic and they want gondola in Fort Lauderdale canals and other ones like ocean and then would want rainy weather and big waves in the Jetties. This about your style together and choose location. Or if you are sure about location, you still can do more styles.


Props are fun way to ass spice to your Miami Engagement session, energise you as a couple and distract from camera awareness. But it’s about right props. Not related props can do opposite. Let’s say you both are musicians. Then guitar could be the best one. If you don’t have anything mutual like musical instrument, the greatest one could be a bottle of champagne or balloons.

Regarding to outfit. It’s a matter of style and locations. I assume you won’t wear suit for ocean engagement session. But the golden styling rule is simplicity. One colour, colour matching together, no shapes or multicolour.

If you do beach, the best is always white on white. If you choose fancy location, you always can get fancier with your clothes. You also can choose fancy props, like pink balloons with pink cotton candy or red Ferrari.


The mood is the most important factor. As we mentioned before, big impact has your Miami engagement photographer you choose and his personality and energy, but that’s still not 100% package. Really important rule … take good and long sleep.

Yes, we have had a couple after looooong party night, they came even dirty with eye bags. That day it was mainly on our photographer, but we are sure you do not want to copy them.

And now the kisses? Oh… we have phone calls from our couples to repeat engagement session because they really enjoyed couple hours of kissing. Many times it goes beyond simple kissing and passion sprinkles around. That is real Miami engagement session.

We offer two different approaches for pricing. You either can choose from our packages or go à la carte. You can check it on our engagement sessions page.

You will see special service called “magazine style editing”. Check this album to find out more.

One more thing. We speaking about Miami engagement photographer and Miami engagement session. Yes, we are based in Miami, but we love to travel. We have created awesome engagement session in New York and all over the Florida.

You can see some of them in our engagement blog posts section.

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