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It is essential that we work with the right couples, and because of this, we do not take every wedding that we are approached by.

You deserve the absolute best! That is why it is vital that we make sure we are the right choice for you.

To find out if we are available, please, fill in the form below or email us directly via inquire (@) We’ll respond within the next 24 hours to set up a time to talk and share with you everything you need to plan your wedding day. In urgent matters call +1 917-444-4680

We also are very active also on Instagram.

In case you want to see Jan’s celebrity, fashion, or portrait work, visit:

It’s never too early to inquire and book your wedding photographer
. Most high-end wedding photographers usually book anywhere from 6-18 months in advance. There is no offseason for us while we are active in Europe, Miami, and New York, plus doing destination weddings. You can see how many more weddings we can take this year on our landing page.


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