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Your Wedding Meets Fashion experience is a boutique affair created entirely around you and your vision. If you are into fashion, you probably desire your wedding to be photographed in a fashion kind of style. You also might want your wedding captured in a natural, photojournalistic way, but still, your candid shots with glamorous touch? Do you want your wedding pictures to be bright and vibrant, not vintage-looking, over-processed, or filtered? Is that you? We believe that high-fashion weddings deserve a top fashion photographer. In other words… Are you tired of cheesy wedding photography? You need a luxury destination wedding photographer or, even better Vogue photographer for your wedding!

The ability to photograph a wedding in all its glory and unique beauty is a skill that can only be mastered by a real artist. After all, it’s not easy to capture both the visible and invisible within a single snapshot.

For greater attention to detail, I accept only a limited number of commissions. But I can assure you that with this limitation comes an excellent benefit. I will not only serve You as your photographer, but I could also help to choose the right location for the best photos, and most importantly, I will share my hand-selected team of great professionals for their talent, style, and personality, creating a unique experience only for you. Whether you book a wedding, engagement, boudoir, or editorial photoshoot, you will be taken care of with careful attention. If you want to know my own wedding story, it’s here.

About me

My name is Jan Freire, and I have been doing pro-photography for almost 30 years. I started in 1991, and I’ve worked as a fashion and celebrity photographer in beautiful Prague. Growing up in middle Europe gives you a different style and an eye for detail. When you go through my other website, you will see that my clients are Dior, Vogue, Playboy, Sony, Pioneer, Geox, and more, plus many known celebrities, but I simply fell in love with weddings! I truly believe that I was born for wedding photography. Speaking of weddings and magazines, you can see my work in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine, People Magazine, or Vogue! I was interviewed for Forber and also invited to speak at a few international bridal conferences.

So now I’m in a business where I want you to smile. And kiss a lot! Photography is my love and passion. I started to shoot weddings because I could enjoy all those real emotions through those days. Passion for light and storytelling lend me that unique ability to capture emotional connection. And the result? Evident, unmistakable chemistry. My approach to photographing weddings is creating beautiful, glamorous portraits with a fashion touch balanced with styled details and timeless photojournalistic moments. With this recipe, I can tell your wedding story authentically and artfully. Moreover, this lays out beautifully for publication and wedding albums.

Want more of my personal information? You can either see me barefoot or in pretty expensive shoes. I love photography and traveling. Those are my main hobbies, love, and passion. I love days on the water as well as driving cool cars. Well, let’s see how this changes after the pandemic.


Freire Wedding Photo is a celebrity and luxury destination wedding photographer studio. And as one of the Best Wedding Photographers, we accept a limited number of commissions, so most clients inquire well in advance to reserve their desired date. Investment for weddings begins at $3200, while portrait and boudoir sessions start at $1200. All packages could be created á la carte just for you to ensure an excellent, elegant, and truly memorable experience. INQUIRE now.

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