Wedding photography tips you won’t get from a bridal magazine

As you probably know, I’m an internationally published celebrity and luxury wedding photographer. You can see my work in magazines like Vogue, People magazine, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, or Luxury Modern Brides.

I also was invited to speak at some international conferences and interviewed by Forbes. And now after a few hundred fabulous weddings, I hope that I have enough experience to offer some cool tips, tricks, and advice for brides before their big wedding day. 

As I post only my real weddings on this blog post page, I decided to begin to write guest blog posts on the Wedding Meets Fashion website because I’m a proud member of this exclusive team of wedding professionals.

I will always add here a link with a short description, and that way, you will have access to those pieces of information, also from my website. You are welcome to check also other articles on since real experts wrote them all and not some columnists. So here we go, here are my wedding photography tips. (blue are the clickable links)

1. Do You Truly Know How To Choose ​Your Perfect Wedding Photographer?

Well, this is probably the most helpful and useful fundamental article. I have put the content into the 8 points — Must-check piece of content for every bride-to-be that is searching for their perfect wedding photographer.

2. TOP 20 Engagement Sessions Ideas In Miami

I’m actually proud of this one! I haven’t found so many ideas in one article yet. And I will be continuously updating it. You definitely can see how I love a good engagement session.

3. Are Getting Ready Photos From Your Wedding Important For You?

Getting ready pictures topic got hot on my Instagram below one post, and I decided to put together this article to highlight some critical points. Highly recommended if you want gorgeous getting ready photos from your wedding.

4. How Many Photographers Do I Need For My Wedding?

The same situation with this topic… it fired on my Instagram below one of my posts. I hope that I have cleared this question enough, but you always can ask for more in the comments below or email me.

5. Is It Important That Your Wedding Photographer Worked At Your Venue Before?

A lot of brides have asked the question if it is important that your wedding photographer worked at their venue before. Well, check the answer in this article.

6. Should You Hire Your Wedding Vendors During The Coronavirus Time?

Here is one short article about recent troubles with corona time weddings. I decided to write this one because I’m dealing with many brides now, and I see that they don’t know what to do in this uncertain time. 

7. Is Professional Wedding Album Worth It?

Let’s see if a professional wedding album is significantly better than such from Shutterfly and similar companies? Read if you are curious.

8. Sunrise Or Sunset Engagement Pictures?

What would you go for? What do you think works better? Engagement pictures during the sunrise or sunset?

Just to put all the tips together, I decided to include even links from this website.

First look … Yes or No? or “Do I need First look?”

Did you know that I’m a big First look ambassador? Check my 8 WHYs as I don’t know about any reason why not to do First look.

Types of editing of your wedding pictures

Here you can find more information about my extensive style of editing I used to do for some of the best magazines and companies in the world.

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