Everything You Need to Know About First Look Before Your Wedding Day

A First look on your wedding day can be a truly beautiful and intimate moment for you and your partner. As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of capturing these special moments firsthand and have seen how much they can add to the day. That being said, whether or not to have a first look is a personal decision that should ultimately be made by you and your partner.

Your wedding day should be about what feels right for you and your partner. Some couples prefer waiting until the ceremony to see each other, which is just as magical. Whatever you decide, I will support your decision.

However, if you decide to have a first look, I can guarantee it will be a wonderful experience. It gives you both a chance to take a deep breath and share a special moment together before the ceremony begins, which can be incredibly valuable.

As a luxury destination wedding photographer, I often have debates about the first look with almost every one of my couples, and I feel like a First look ambassador. Although more and more couples choose to have one, I still have clients who opt out of this fantastic experience. So I wrote down eight reasons you should consider having a first look.

As a European photographer who has captured nearly 200 weddings in the USA, including many Jewish weddings, I must admit that I was unfamiliar with the First look concept until I arrived here. However, now I realize it is an excellent option for couples, and I feel that I can confidently encourage any couple to consider it, regardless of their background or culture.

If you’re wondering why you should consider doing a First Look, let me share my main thoughts on the topic. And if you’re not in the mood for reading, I waited 8 months to write this blog post until I had a stunning set of images from a beautiful First Look to share with you. Just look at these photos and tell me where else you could get such an emotionally charged couple portrait. 

And here are my eight:

1. It’s the only private moment during the day

I mean it for real. The first look is a truly special moment that provides couples the only private time they will have on their wedding day. Apart from the Yihud, where no photographer is allowed, it’s an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company without the hustle and bustle of the wedding party. To ensure the couple’s privacy, we capture these moments from a distance using a zoom lens. Before the first look, we provide detailed instructions to ensure the moment is not disrupted.

2. It’s a few minutes full of emotions

The First Look is a moment full of emotions that only lasts a few minutes. You can express your feelings, whether tears of joy or unbridled happiness, without worrying about the hundreds of guests surrounding you.

3. Seeing each other before the ceremony is remarkably different

Experiencing each other before the ceremony is a unique and distinct moment. Having a private moment together before the ceremony is an entirely different experience from seeing each other for the first time while walking down the aisle surrounded by your guests. If the feelings and emotions are authentic, they will be present at both moments, but each will still feel unique in its own way.

4. Look your best

By doing a first look, you’ll have the chance to look your absolute best in the photos that will capture this special moment. This is because you’ll have time to prepare yourself to present yourself exactly as you want to be seen. And when it’s time to walk down the aisle, you’ll also be able to look your best since you’ll already be feeling confident and relaxed from the first look session.

5. It’s an excellent opportunity for great pictures

Of course, you will get more photos during the day, but the first look is an excellent opportunity to capture truly unique and emotional moments between the two of you. It’s a chance to let your guard down and let those genuine, raw emotions come to the surface without any distractions or onlookers getting in the way. This makes for some truly unique and unforgettable photographs you’ll treasure forever.

6. It makes the flow of the day less stressful

Doing a First Look can help make the flow of the day less stressful. Without it, you won’t have the opportunity to see your partner before the ceremony. This won’t allow you to make your portrait session or family group shots before the ceremony. Additionally, if your wedding takes place in a location where the sun sets early, not doing a First Look could mean missing out on natural light for your portraits.

7. You can enjoy a cocktail hour

By doing a First look, you can save time and enjoy the cocktail hour with your guests. Traditionally, family group shots and newlyweds’ portraits are taken during the cocktail hour, which means that if you don’t do a First look, you’ll have to take these photos after the ceremony. This can cut into your time with your guests and may make the flow of the day feel rushed. By doing a First look, you’ll have more time to take photos of just the two of you, and then you can join your guests for the cocktail hour. Additionally, your photography team can take advantage of this time to capture detail shots of the wedding decor in the ballroom.

8. Do also daughter-father and son-mom first look!

8. Do also daughter-father and son-mom first look!
Consider doing a first look with your parents, too! A father-daughter or mother-son first look can be a beautiful and emotional moment, and it provides an opportunity for some meaningful photographs that you’ll treasure forever. You can share a private moment with your parent and capture their reactions as they see you in your wedding attire for the first time. Trust me, it’s a moment that you won’t regret.
You can say thank You later but do it. You won’t regret it. I promise!

Are you now convinced to consider a first look?
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