Romantic Elopement at Bojnice Castle

Romantic Elopement at Bojnice Castle: Charice and Joe’s Fairytale Day

As a photographer, I often find myself in some of the most beautiful places on earth, capturing moments of love and joy. However, few places have left me as enchanted as Bojnice Castle in Slovakia, where I recently photographed Charice and Joe’s elopement. This stunning couple from China chose Bojnice Castle as the perfect backdrop for their intimate celebration, meticulously planned by Castle Weddings, an agency specializing in elopements and intimate weddings at castle venues across Central Europe.

The day began with the enchanting Bojnice Castle as a perfect backdrop for a serene morning picnic. Castle Weddings, the agency organizing this beautiful event, had outdone themselves. A quaint picnic was arranged on a lush green lawn overlooking the castle. 

Charice and Joe arrived with excitement. Capturing their candid moments, the smiles, the laughter, and the love in their eyes was a photographer’s dream. The castle stood majestically in the background, adding a timeless beauty to each frame.

After the picnic, we took a short break, allowing the couple to change into their wedding attire. You can guess what I chose as a backdrop for their First Look—the castle again. As Joe stood with his back to her, Charice approached slowly, her smile radiant. When Joe turned around, his expression was priceless—a mix of awe and deep affection. 

The following location was a nearby spa resort famous for its serene ponds—a small boat filled with flowers awaited, perfect for some tranquil and romantic shots. Charice and Joe sat in the boat, and some leaves created a mesmerizing effect. The couple seemed lost in their own world. And I loved to capture it.

As the day approached sunset, it was time for the symbolic ceremony. Castle Weddings had set up an hour-long portrait photo session inside the Castle, and the last moments of this day belonged to the symbolic ceremony, which was short but filled with heartfelt vows and emotions. Charice and Joe exchanged rings, tears of happiness streaming down their faces. Their love, witnessed by only a few but captured in every detail, was a testament to the beauty of intimate elopements.

Let me know how you like the photos from this romantic elopement at Bojnice Castle. In case you are looking for an elopement photographer and think we could be a match, let’s connect.

Venue: Bojnice Castle
Planner: Castle Weddings
Bridal gown: Pronovias PRIVÉE
Photography: Jan Freire

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