Bratislava wedding in Hradná | Anna & Matej

Anna and Matej’s wedding in Hradná came relatively late, quite last minute. And sometimes these last-minute weddings can surprise. And if you don’t know what Hradná is, it’s an outstanding restaurant on the grounds of Bratislava Castle.

Anna and Matej cleverly decided to split the photo shoot into two parts and two days, respectively. In order to really enjoy the wedding day to the fullest and without stress, we did the wedding shoot about a week before the wedding. You can’t even imagine how much pressure from the wedding day it takes away.

We set the pre-wedding shoot for a day when Annie had her makeup and hair trial. We did the wedding photoshoot at the Bratislava Castle. I was very pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the venue was. We did quite a few portraits in an hour and a half, and some of them don’t look anything like Bratislava Castle to me. I’ll be glad if you can let me know in the comments which one you like best and which ones may have surprised you.

On the wedding day itself, the weather was amazing. It looked like rain for a while, but for the most part, it was very pleasant and not too warm. The rain finally let up once we were inside. I often wonder why people want to get married in August when it’s the hottest weather.

The ceremony was held in St Martin’s Cathedral, from where we then took the red Bratislava trains towards the castle. The wedding reception was in the Hradná Restaurant, which used to be one of my favorites. It was closed for a long time when I returned through the pandemic, which saddened me, but it is now functioning in full glory.

The space itself is gorgeous, and even from the terrace, there are first-class views of the whole city. The food and service were perfect, and the fun continued into the morning. Btw… fun. I can’t remember leaving a wedding later than this one.

Let me know in the comments how you like this wedding in Hradna; feel free to comment on the photos as well. If you like them and are looking for a wedding photographer, let’s jump on a call and have a cafe or Aperol and see if we want to create your big day and photos together.

Wedding venue: Hradná
Catering: Hradná
makeup and hair: Ľubica Orolínová
Bouquet: Laskykvet
Cake: Zilizi Patisserie
Groom’s suit: Bandi
Photo: Jan Freire for Freire Wedding Photo

The real wedding day starts here

Btw… I just got a review from this couple: “Janko, thank you for the beautiful wedding and pre-wedding photos and overall for your very professional and friendly approach, great ideas and advice about photography and wedding, you are a great professional and a very nice person, we were fortunate to have you as our photographer on our big day 🙂 We wish you many more successes, and we are thrilled that we could get to know you. Anička & Maťko

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