Your wedding pictures are ready

what should you do now?

Cool down and prepare a bottle of Champagne. You’ve either received already, or we will send you the direct link to your gallery. Click the link and enjoy your pictures ?

#1 you will see the landing page where you must enter your email address and pin. (PIN was hopefully sent in the previous email). Always use the same email address, because only with that one email address is granted access to many cool features.

#2 after you pass thru the main page, you will see many albums. As you can see, we have divided your pictures into special sections, like Getting ready, details shots, etc. So you can view it through these albums, but there is also album named All PHOTOS, where it’s everything in order/timeline as it really happened. Incl BONUS album.

#3 I strongly recommend starting with album STUDIO SELECTION. It’s a selection of the best pictures according to Jan Freire with enhanced editing already. This is a gift for you!

#4 album BONUS is the real bonus. Those pictures may, but not have to come edited. Those are the pictures we would throw out, but we feel they might be at least funny or might have some value for you. But those pictures definitely don’t belong to the main gallery.

#5 for viewing use SLIDESHOW button

#6 When you are ready, you can use other features. Click to any photo and you will see these options: BUY (upper right corner) or FAVORITE and SHARE on the bottom.

     SHARE is pretty obvious and I don’t feel like I have to explain this one ? You also can share the entire gallery. But sometimes there are pictures you don’t want to share with others. Here comes for help HIDE PHOTOS tool. You have access to this tool only if you are logged in with your main email address.

     FAVORITE will be used for album selection. I will get back to this.

     after clicking the BUY button you will see options like PRINTS, DIGITAL MEDIA, CANVASES or METAL

#7 I suggest sharing the gallery with your friends. This way you won’t have to deal with them asking for photos. They can just download it directly.

#8 if you want to buy prints, click the option PRINTS and you will see print sizes and prices. The same for canvases or metal prints. Just click that size, chose the volume and ADD TO CARD. When you finish, we will send you the invoice and digital files will be sent for printing. I suggest using this option if you desire to possess high-quality prints, not those from Walmart or CVS.

#9 DIGITAL MEDIA. You either can buy all high-resolution files or just selected photos.

#10 after you chose your prints, it’s time for selection for your wedding album. I suggest to go over all the pictures and favorite all you really like. If you see that you ended up with much more than 100, do another round. You should select between 80-120.

#11 album ordering process is easy. You can see some of the album options in BUY / ALBUMS section. If you like these options, just order it thru this gallery. If you want something different, let us know. Our album production company offers more than 250k options how you can create your album. And if you want more, we can offer a package for you!

#12 for precise selection you can use COMPARE PHOTOS tool. You can find it after entering each album on the top right corner.

#13 your gallery will be online for 2 months after you received the link. If you want it for a longer time, you can buy an extension (unless you have it included in your package)
1 year – $90
6 months – $49
1 month – $9

#14 Editing process. All pictures came edited. But there still might be things you would like to get edited out or completely retouched. With Freire Wedding Photo you are always safe. Check this blog post for all options and let us know if you have any request. Or you also can order editing directly in BUY / DIGITAL MEDIA section.

And guys, once you are done and I hope you love your photos, do not forget to review us. All info here. THANK YOU!

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