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High-End Wedding Photographer or What makes me different as a wedding photographer?

I’ve worked with many excellent wedding photographers at big weddings in the past, and knowing them closely makes me confident that your wedding experience will be different with me. My 20+ years of experience as a fashion and celebrity photographer gave me a relaxed approach toward taking your wedding photos to allow real moments to unfold.

My photography skills are excellent, but I believe that even more critical for weddings are personal skills. Well, let me tell you my story to help me explain how it differentiates me from most other wedding photographers.

My wedding story

I got married in 2003. I was a known celebrity and fashion photographer in my city. For my own wedding, I clearly knew that I wanted fantastic wedding portraits and the story of the day captured with the same expert level. Well, at the end of the day, I ended up hiring 3 different photographers, all were my friends. One was the best fashion photographer; another was an excellent artistic photographer. They both took our portraits in their studios. The third one was the best wedding photographer in town. I needed him because there is a known fact that successful fashion and artistic photographers do not want to shoot weddings. They also don’t know how to.

I admittedly have gotten an exceptional final product, but I had to deal with 3 different photographers and create a specific timeline for the studio.

High-End Wedding Photographer

Today I’m certainly able to provide 2 in 1 for you! After almost 300 weddings, I know how to tell the story of the day. You can check that in my reviews. But I also know how to instantly connect with my couple and create excellent fashion-style portraits.

Working with other wedding photographers, I noticed that they usually spend most of the time with candids and detail shots but almost no time with you as a “model”. And this is the special something that makes me different.

I’m sure that you crave to have those fabulous wedding portraits you can hang on your wall. You have spent a lot of money on that perfect wedding gown or tuxedo, your bridal beauty team did an excellent job too, and don’t forget about that fabulous bridal bouquet! 

I’m also positive that you want to see all those smallest details on your wedding gown, not just something white. And you indeed want to look the best as possible.

I presume that you can imagine that this is not an easy job. Definitely not during the stressful wedding day! You unquestionably need a professional with a lot of skills and even more experience. Well, you just discovered me. Working with the best planners on all high-end wedding venues makes me a top-rated wedding photographer for you!

I will direct you, in my unique way, to the most flattering portraits, but I also will capture genuine and extraordinary moments. My personal intention is to be the guest that has been hired to document your Big day.

Let’s chat if you feel that we are a good match or press that grey button on the upper right corner, “Learn more“, to get even more information.

What else…

There are many things you may require from your perfect wedding photographer before the wedding and maybe even more after the wedding day. I will share my expertise built over 20+ years from tips about locations to create the best timeline for the day.

Make sure you check my Wedding photography tips you won’t get from a bridal magazine.

And what’s after the wedding? I spend most of my time selecting the best pictures because I shoot a lot. Many would say that I overshoot. But such an approach gives me the choice of selection. Every person changes their facial expression quite often, sometimes even a couple of times in a second.

All the images you will get are edited. But there is one more unique service that I can provide. Special enhanced editing, which I call “magazine-style editing“.

Check my blog post, Types of editing of your wedding pictures, and you will get all the information. You also can visit a special album in my portfolio to see my before & after editing images. This is an uncommon service in the wedding industry that you can expect only from certain photographers that shoot for the best magazines in the world. I can spend 1-3 hours just on one picture numerous times. But it’s worth it for your gorgeous album or beautiful wall art.

luxury bride in NYC with Jorge Manuel, Petal Gown

Are you still questioning why you should hire a real professional?

I always love a great bottle of wine, and I know there is a massive difference between “Five Buck Chuck” and a decent Malbec. There’s also the same comparison between a wedding photographer who’s going to shoot a wedding for $500 and hand you a disk versus photographers that know what they’re doing. Well, and then there are High-End Wedding Photographers who can be compared to Cheval Blanc’s 1947 St-Emilion.

It’s all about not missing the shots and capturing unrepeatable memories. It is about storytelling versus just handing over a bunch of pictures. It’s also about knowing what to do when things go wrongCalling yourself a professional is a big responsibility, and the best artists have backup gear if a camera body, lens, or flash goes down. They know how to get the shots they need, no matter what happens or where they’re shooting. They even have a backup plan should something happens to them personally and they need a friend or associate to fill in during an emergency.

Every wedding is unique. Every story of each couple is unique.

Here’s the most important thing you need to know about wedding pictures: Book the best photographer you can afford as soon as you set the date. The wedding music will fade, the flowers will die, and you won’t even remember if you ate, let alone what you ate, at the reception. But the wedding pictures last forever.” from “It’s Her Wedding, But I’ll Cry If I Want To!” by Leslie Milk


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