Anniversary Session

We are presently launching our new product “Wedding Anniversary Photo Session”. 

Idea of Anniversary Session

The idea actually came from you. We always listen to our clients and many of you were dreaming about having something like engagement session repeatedly. So now we are introducing Wedding Anniversary Session. It allows you to possess beautiful portraits of you as a couple and family as often as possible. Traditional Vow Renewal is usually done after 5, 10, 15 years, which is not often enough. Can you image to have beautiful gorgeous portrait every year for your wedding anniversary? If yes, we are here for you!

Rules for Wedding Anniversary Session giveaway

Wedding Anniversary Session is a special blend of engagement and family portrait session. It can be about you two but you can include your kids.


You know already that we love to travel, so we would be happy to capture your Anniversary Session anywhere in the world where you take us. For Miami and New York, we won’t charge any travel fees.


Price depends only on your imagination. We either can do simple family kind of session, or something fancier, like high-end engagement session. We can do every year a different them, styling, locations. We can do it either only with photographer and you or with an entire team of beauty artists. 

The difference in price also will be depending on the photographer. If you want your anniversary session done by Jan Freire, it will be more expensive than sessions with other studio photographers. It’s always more expensive to have celebrity photographer.

Styling ideas

You can have an entire team of beauty artists, like makeup artists, hairstylists or wardrobe stylist, and it will be worth it because we will have time to create exceptional pictures. Thy styling depends on the theme, location or both. You can check more information in our Services or we can chat about this and prepare your ideal Wedding Anniversary Session!


You also can review our blog posts from our vow renewals or anniversary session in Wedding Anniversary Photography page. You also are welcome to check Jan Freire’s portrait web page, where you can see some family sessions and portraits, including A-class celebrities.

Melanie and Marc | Delano Miami Vow Renewal

wedding anniversary session picture on the wall

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